In The Company of Writers

Piggy and I were lucky enough to spend this weekend at a friend’s lakefront cottage in the company of some other writer buds. It was a mite chilly on Saturday, but hey – that just made it easier to hunker down and focus on the pages. (There were 20 of them.) Sunday was a gorgeous reward day – more pages, sunshine, and this as our view:

piggy lakeWith a view like that, it doesn’t even matter that we blew the main breaker and had no power ……

Adventures With Piggy: Writing Retreat!

piggy Erie 6Piggy and I had a wonderful writing retreat this month. It was Piggy’s first time at this event, so when we weren’t hard at work, I made sure to give her a tour.

She loved the cozy living room, especially at night when we lit a fire and watched movies with friends.

piggy erie 2We took our turn in the kitchen, cooking up soups to share with the others at lunchtime.

piggy erie 3We brainstormed some characters, including the all-important choosing of names.

piggy erie 1At night, we snuggled up in our cozy bed.

Piggy Erie 4And at the end of our time, we packed up the van and prepared to hit the road, rested and content with our focused days of work. BTW, if you have ever wondered what it looks like when four romance writers get away for a few days …piggy erie purple

Here’s your answer.

puggy erie car


Remember that old Carly Simon song about Anticipation? Yes, the one they turned into this ketchup commercial.

Well, that’s running through my head these days, because this weekend I get to go to one of my very favorite places in the world – a small cabin in the words of northwestern Pennsylvania – with some of my favorite fellow authors. For a few days it will be no husbands, no kids, and no internet – just us, our laptops, and the blissful peace that is found in the middle of the woods.
We do this twice a year, holing up to write and eat and write and watch movies and write and laugh. And talk. Oh, do we talk. We brainstorm plots and hash out (fictional) conflicts and share stories about our kids and dogs and husbands and pasts. There is much spontaneous bursting into song (usually by me) and the occasional walk down a little creek (but only in summer). It’s an amazingly productive weekend that gives us the chance to be just writers for a few days. We stagger home with many pages produced, many plots created, and a boatload of inspiration to get us through the next months.