Who Loves a Sale?

Sale ShareableHarlequin has now been publishing in digital format for ten years, and to celebrate, they’re having an awesome sale. From November 10 to November 17, they’re marking down the price of ten THOUSAND backlist ebooks to just $1.99! That’s a heck of a lot of books!

(Full disclosure: this sale is only happening in the States. Sorry, everybody else. I’m pouting too.)

The sale is taking place on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nook, Google, and Kobo (US only). This is the perfect opportunity to check out a new author, explore a new Harlequin series, or catch up on your favorite author’s older titles.

Which books of mine are included? That would be my three oldest Superromances: A Better Father, Now You See Me, and Dating a Single Dad. If you’d like to grab any of them at the sale price (oh, thank you!!!), I’ve included links below. But remember, the sale ends November 17. Grab ’em while you can!

My Amazon page

My Barnes & Noble (Nook) page

My Google Play page

My Kobo page

From the Desk of Moxie North – January 2015

The first in what will be a series of letters from my character Moxie North, CEO of Northstar Dairy and matriarch of the North family, to her friends Iris Delaney and Ruth Brewster, who moved from Comeback Cove to be near Iris’ son J.T. and his new wife, Ruth’s daughter-in-law Lyddie.

Dear Iris and Ruth:

Well, you’ve both been gone from Comeback Cove for over a year now, so I guess it’s time I faced facts. You’re not coming back. Least you could have done was move someplace warm where it would have been fun to visit you in the middle of January, but no, you had to go Ottawa. I know it’s only an hour or so away but in the middle of January, that’s a mighty cold drive. You’re just going to have to make do with letters for now.

I hope you had a good Christmas. Being as it was your first one there, I’m sure things felt different, but with Lyddie’s children there, I’m betting it wasn’t exactly somber. Does little Tish still believe in Santa? Hank’s Millie does, but she was asking questions that made me think this might be our last year with a believer. Course, if any of my other grandsons would get it in gear and give me more greats, we could keep on with the fun, but nothing so far. Hank and Brynn have been together over a year now, and I know she would like to have two or three, so I’m hoping to hear some news from them soon. Carter and Taylor, too, though as you know, that will be a little stickier. No matter how happy we’ll all be for them when the time comes, we’ll still be worried about how Ian will take the news. Much as I know it was right for Taylor to break up with Ian, sometimes I can’t help but wish she’d fallen for anyone else but his own brother.

Ah well. Water under the bridge, as they say, and if wishes were horses I could run my own Kentucky Derby. Ian seems to be doing okay down there in Stratford. I wish he’d come home, but that’s not my call to make. As for Cash – I can’t get a reading on him. He plays life close to his chest, that one.

In any case, we’re all doing fine, though I’m not as tolerant of the snow these days. The town was busy over Christmas. Mayor Jillian got some new lights to put up around Memorial Park, and it sure was pretty to walk through, ‘cept for the nights when the wind came over the river colder than a witch’s – well. You lived here. You know.

Helene finally signed up to take that Alaska cruise. She’s been dithering about it for weeks, trying to get me to go with her, but I told her the reason we’ve been able to stay best friends all these years is because we’ve never had to share a bathroom. I’m not about to change that now. I tried to talk Janice and Robert into going, but that son of mine is a homebody, for sure. Janice seemed interested but it’s in June and I think she’s cooking up some hare-brained scheme to try to get Ian home then. She hasn’t said anything, but it’s easy to see she’s got something brewing.

Northstar is rolling along fine and dandy. I thought I’d never learn to like that Greek yogurt we started making, but I found out if you stir enough blackberry jam into it, it’s pretty good.

Helene said for me to tell you that the the United church is having a chicken dinner next month, and there will be a craft show along with it. You should come down for it. You could stay here. Lord knows there’s plenty of room. She said if you can’t come, maybe you could make some of those crocheted scarves that sold so well last year. I told her you both have new churches now, but she just laughed and told me you would always be part of Comeback Cove. She’s probably right, but don’t tell her I said that.

Got to go. Miss you both.



July at Casa Chaos

July has been a fun month here at Casa Chaos. The first week was filled with celebrations – Canada Day for me, the Fourth of July for Hubs & the rest of the family, and the release of Dating a Single Dad. We traveled to Maine (Hubs’ old stomping grounds) for the long Fourth weekend. There were fireworks, lobsters, games of dodge-the-iceberg at the beach (that ocean water is COLD!), and tons of laughs with family we see only a few times each year. We also got to experience the gridlock that is exiting southern Maine on the Sunday of a long weekend. Yowzers!
Tsarina and HRH have been attending the half-day playground program run through our town. That’s when I get the bulk of my writing work done. It ends in early August, and already, I’m freaking over how I’ll get anything done once it’s over.
We squeezed in a day trip to visit more relatives at their lake house. It was a long drive – 3.5 hours each way – but oh, what a hoot to paddle pool2around the lake and eat delicious barbecued chicken and see all the changes in scenery and kids! Tsarina discovered that a kiddie pool (the rigid plastic splash ones) makes an excellent pseudo-boat. She sat in there with her life jacket and kayak paddle while we took turns towing her around the dock.
Usually, July would include a trip to the RWA National Conference for me, but it wasn’t in the cards this time. It was certainly fun (in a jealousy-inspiring way) to see all the Facebook photos and tweets from friends who were in attendance. Next year in NYC, for sure!

What’s Up Wednesday, the Early Edition: Release, Canada Day, and WINNER!

It’s a big big day here at Casa Chaos.

NumbeDating a Single Dad - coverr One: DATING A SINGLE DAD is now available!  It’s an amazing day for an author when she knows her book is out in the world. Also a little scary. You have to hope that you (with the amazing guidance of your amazing editor) got it right, because it’s too late to make those brilliant changes now!


Number Two: It’s CANADA DAY! It’s hard to find maple leaf-themed items here in Upstate NY, so the girls and Iflag toes made Canadian Flag tee shirts, I assembled a Canada Day playlist, and we’re heading to the store to buy the fixings for poutine. Plus, I got inspired and gave myself Canadian Flag tootsies. Because – well, why not?



Number Three: We have a winner! CAROLYN B. is the winner of the Brynn Catalano Pity Party Prize Package! Congratulations,  Carolyn!

And now I shall go take a nap. Happy Canada Day!!


What’s-Up Wednesday: Contest Reminder

Just a quick reminder that on July 1 I’ll be drawing for a Brynn Catalano Pity Party Prize Pack. prize packageYou can find all the details here, but really, all you need to know is that when you sign up for my newsletter and Like my Facebook page (both easily done from the bottom of this page), you are automatically entered. If you sign up AND Like, you’re entered twice! Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

What’s Up Wednesday: Contest!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Dating a Single Dad and my new website/blog, I’m having a contest. Here’s the scoop.
Q: What can you win?
A: This Brynn Catalano Pity Party Prize Pack!


prize packageIt’s a bunch of my Brynn’s favorite goodies AND a DVD of one of my her favorite movies, Dirty Dancing. Note that the movie in this picture is a stand-in: the winner will get to choose either a regular or Blu-Ray copy.

Q: Oooph, looks good! How do I enter?
A: I’m glad you asked! Entering is easy. Everyone who subscribes to my newsletter (sign-up in the lower right corner) and/or “Likes” my Facebook page (use the handy-dandy gizmo in the lower right corner) is automatically entered. If you subscribe AND like, you have two chances instead of one!
The fine print: because of shipping costs, this prize pack will be shipped only to addresses in the US/Canada. If the winner should reside elsewhere, the prize shall be a gift certificate to the online bookstore of the winner’s choice, in an amount equivalent to $35.00 US.

Q: I’m in. When will I know if I won?
A: The winner will be drawn on July 1, 2014 – the day the book is released AND Canada Day. Didn’t that work out well?

Q: Why do you call this the Brynn Catalano Pity Party Prize Pack?
A: I’m thinking of this excerpt (spoilers omitted):
BRYNN WAS HALFWAY through her forty-fifth viewing of Dirty Dancing, three-quarters of the way through a bag of ketchup potato chips and fully immersed in the kind of pity party she despised. She’d seen Hank’s truck pull in a few minutes earlier, heard the sad, solitary slam of one door. She had paused the movie and held her breath and waited, even though she knew she was the world’s biggest fool.
But she had pulled off another happy ending. … She deserved some kind of celebration, some kind of reward for making herself relive moments of passion to help jump-start her cousin’s love life. Was it wrong to wish that the reward involved something other than Patrick Swayze and a bag of grease?
Apparently so, because that solitary slam was followed by…nothing. No footsteps on the path, no knock at the door, no invitations to help while away some child-free hours. Zip, zilch, nada.

She snuggled deeper into Old Faithful, grabbed another handful of chips and started the movie once again. Maybe this time Baby wouldn’t make the jump and Patrick Swayze would leap off the screen in search of a real woman who—
Something crunched outside.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments or email me using the Contact box on the right. Good luck!