Moving Right Along

Now that the news of Piggy’s split from Kermit has died down, it’s time for this girl to move on. She knows that a gal doesn’t need a man – or even a frog – to make her complete. But really, everyone deserves to be pampered or adored, don’t they? And so Piggy is currently holding auditions for the role of Chief Pamperer and Adorer.

Since Piggy has a background as an astronaut, it only makes sense that she would be sympatico with a fellow traveler of the stars. Commander Chris Hadfield has the training to communicate with Piggy and – thanks to his social media outreach, books, and recordings – is familiar with the pressures of being a media darling. Who knows what heights they could reach together?

piggy hadfield


Farewell, 2014!

It’s been a quiet time here on the blog as I was swept up in holiday preparations and activity, but take heart. (Because I know you’ve all been sobbing hysterically during this time of silence.) Things will get back on track next week. In the meantime, shall we have a bit of a recap?

Writing-wise, 2014 was a very good year. Dating a Single Dad came out, I wrote the next Comeback Cove book, A Family Come True, (which can now be pre-ordered!), I wrote most of a novella and complete a secret project which is still secret. There were no conferences, but three writing retreats and a full-day workshop with the amazing Susan Meier kept me inspired and enthused. Overhauling this website and returning to regular blogging were some of the other professional highlights.

At home – we were busy. Surprised? All the kids are well and happy, pursuing their educations and jobs and passions. Hubs and I are often left slightly breathless from trying to keep up with the kids, but it’s a good kind of exhaustion, so we’ll take it. We visited San Francisco, Maine, Boston, Toronto, New York, and other places, but our house remains my favorite place in the world.

What lies ahead? Lots of writing. More frequent blogging. More reading and less clutter (those are among the 2015  resolutions). Undoubtedly more traveling, if only to keep up with the kids-who-are-away. And you will be seeing a lot of this gal:

piggy homeDetails to follow 🙂

December overflowed with family, words, food, and laughter – a perfect lead-in to another year of possibility and promise. Thanks for being part of what was and what lies ahead. Catch you in a few!

What I’m Reading This Month:

Tweak ItThe perfect read for anyone wishing to find a better fit between work and all the other pieces of life. Tweak It helps you choose and implement small, consistent changes – steps toward ensuring your life includes more than paying the bills and feeding the kids.

What I’m Cooking:

Is it wrong to admit that I am seriously sick of thinking about food right now? That said, we will have to made sure our New Year celebrations include this recipe for Slow Cooker Spicy Black-Eyed Peas, because those little boogers are supposed to bring good luck in the coming year. Plus they taste major YUM. Works for me!

What I’m Singing:

This isn’t a song … but it is a tune we all can learn.