If I Fall (Falling For You)

If I Fall_Kris Fletcher

What goes up must fall … in love?

IF I FALL is a novella set in Comeback Cove. Right now, you can’t buy it anywhere. BUT: it’s available to you FREE when you sign up for my newsletter!


I would have made a clean getaway if not for the canoe in the middle of the dance floor.

“Son of a … ” I closed my eyes against the pain racing from my toe. Well, more precisely, the point where my big toe had smacked into the supports holding the canoe in place.  For about the seven thousandth time, I wondered why my brother had agreed to hold his wedding reception at Comeback Cove’s premier summer camp. Banners on the walls and canoes strategically placed to hold gifts and desserts weren’t my idea of ambiance. I wondered, too, how bridesmaid shoes that felt as stiff as steel-toed boots could do so little to protect my feet. And then I wondered how I was supposed to escape from my Uncle Lou with a throbbing toe, a skirt that offered about six inches of walking space, and a make-your-own s’more canoe/bar standing between me and freedom. Could things get any worse?

“Problem, Whitney?”

One order of worse, coming up.

No need to open my eyes to recognize the speaker. Jed O’Donnell’s voice was almost as familiar as that of my brother. Appropriate, since they had been best buds since their Popsicle days.

The feelings his voice incited, however, were decidedly not brotherly. Which was why I’d spent the months before the wedding doing my best to avoid anything more than the most buddy-buddy kind of contact with Jed.

It hadn’t worked, of course. The best man and the maid of honor are almost required by law to be in close touch, coordinating their efforts, even when the MOH isn’t really the MOH but simply the local fill-in because the real MOH was busy flying around the world doing her Highly Successful Executive thing. So Jed and I had spent a lot of time talking. And planning. And laughing.

And lusting, though that was strictly on my side.