Discussion Questions – Call of the Wilder

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(Warning – there be spoilers ahead 🙂 )

  1. How did you feel when Gemini ran from the engagement? How did that make you feel about her?
  1. What do you see as the main theme of the book? How do you see it being brought to life?
  1. Do you think the book would have been as effective if it had been set anyplace other than Las Vegas?
  1. How would you describe the bond between the sisters? Would you want to be part of their family?
  1. Gemini describes her family as wild and unconventional. How true do you think that is? Do you think her family is truly all that different, or are we all, at the core, a little bit wild and eccentric?
  1. How did Gemini grow throughout the book? How about Cyn? Were their changes believable?
  1. Gemini and Ellie have an uneasy relationship which is made worse by Gem’s actions regarding Ellie’s decision to end her marriage (and the method she chooses to do so). Did Gem have the right to feel and act as she did? Was Ellie making a wise choice?
  1. There’s no denying that Gemini’s family is unique, particularly her mother-father-father situation. Do you feel her issues with this family arrangement were realistic?
  1. Did you expect Gem to end up with Patrick? Why or why not? Do you think Gem and Randy will live happily ever after?
  1. Gemini tells Randy that “the only way I can stay true to you is if I make sure I’m being true to myself, first.” Do you agree? Why or why not?
  1. Discuss the scene at the Bellagio, when Gemini and Cyn begin by focusing on different issues – Gem on the kiss, Cyn on the singing – and end up arguing bitterly about Cyn’s role in Gem’s current confusion. Was Gemini justified in any of her accusations? She seems to lay the bulk of her anger at Cyn’s feet while largely giving her fathers a pass. Why do you think she would take this approach? Was it fair or justified?
  1. Gemini always felt a bit like an outsider in her family, observing but not part of the tight bond between the sisters. Ellie was in a similar situation but in a more complex way, since she was one of the sisters. Why do you think Gem and Ellie never became as close as their similarity in ages would have seemed to encourage?