Gimme A Head With Hair

One of the things my girls wanted to do this summer was to color their hair. There was an earnest discussion of shades, a trip to Target for supplies, and then it came time to actually do it. Electric blue for the Tsarina. Burgundy for HRH. Giggles for everyone.

It turned out … okay. My girls both have Asian blood, and their dark hair didn’t show too much color – at least not without bleaching it, and that was more than Mom was prepared to do the first time around. We knew that it would be dicey but they opted to try anyway. Good for them.

BUt once they were both done and pickling, I looked at the half bottle of Electric BLue left over. And I looked at myself, already in my raggy, stainable clothes. And I thought that if my girls had the guts to do this, shouldn’t I give it a shot as well?

purple hair

Yeah. I now have purple hair. And I have to admit that I kind of like it.


Being Positive

Today, the #upbeatauthors are sharing their favorite positive quotes. I debated which one to share, then finally settled on this:


It’s not incredibly insightful or profound, but it’s easy to remember. Most importantly, it’s the word I find myself reaching for when it comes time to tackle that task I fear, that chore I don’t want to do, that hard work that scares the bejeebers out of me. “Onward,” i remind myself. And really, that’s all I need to do. Keep moving forward. Keep taking those steps. Keep moving in the direction I need to go, even when it’s the last ting I want to do.

Onward, my friends.

Falling For You – Cover Reveal!

I believe I’ve mentioned that some of the Superromance authors are putting together an anthology. Today – oh wow – I get to share the cover with you!

Anthology cover

Doesn’t that just make you want to pull on a snuggly sweater and huddle down on the sofa with a mug of something warm to sip while you read? Sigh. Come on, autumn!

FALLING FOR YOU will be available in October, but you can pre-order it now!

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The Joy Of Simple Things

My friend and fellow author Trish Milburn has done something wonderful. She has organized a group of authors with the sole purpose of spreading positive, uplifting messages across our social media channels. Her reasons for doing so are fascinating, and you can read all about it in her introductory blog post.

The idea is simple: each week, authors will blog/Facebook/Tweet/etc on a common theme. You can find them all by searching for the hashtag #upbeatauthors.  Our first theme is the joy of simple things, which made me thing of last Saturday night, sitting around a campfire with my sisters and niece and nephew and cousins (and my own husband and kids). We told stories and shared memories while the little kids waved sparklers and chased each other around the yard until it was too dark to run. There were hot dogs and s’mores and jokes and so much laughter, and truly, it was one of those nights when you wish you could freeze the moment to pull out later. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Just togetherness, and memories, and laughter.

#upbeatauthors - simple joy

We’re A Family, And We’re A …

So here we are, 11 months post-move, and we have a plethora of photos in boxes. Many of them used to be on shelves and tabletops. We had lots of those in Casa Chaos. Here in Casa Kitty, anything that starts out on a table ends up on the floor, or, at the very least, it gets walked on by curious cat feet. So we’re hunting for new and innovative ways to display pics.

(And yes, once again, Pinterest is saving my butt.)

I don’t want to simply cover the walls in photos. We need some variety here. So the first photo project involved a about twenty bucks, a wall decal, and a Sunday afternoon.

Here it is in progress.

tree decal 1

Here it is, waiting for me to select photos to add to the frames.

tree decal 2

And here it is from another angle (we mounted it on a wall in a narrow hall, so good photos were a challenge.)

tree decal 3

It’s gorgeous. I wish I could get a shot that really shows it face on. You can get a much better idea on the Amazon page.

One project down, 391 to go. Meanwhile, I think I’ll have this Tom Chapin song running through my head all summer: