31 Days of Promise

31 Days of Promise, Day 13

Up, Shania Twain

Why this song? Because sometimes you need a song that all but holds your hand and reassures you … and sometimes you need something bouncy that you can sing while you wade through the crap. Plus, hey. There’s a Canadian flag and a puppy. For that, I can even forgive her having a Montreal Canadiens jersey.



I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing

31 Days of Promise

31 Days of Promise, Day 12

I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing – Coke commercial (and also by The New Seekers)

Why This Song? Yes, it was an ad. Yes, it was cheesy, and yes, Coke is bad for you. But damn, people. I’d like to see the world for once/All standing hand in hand. Commercial or not, how can you not be caught up in the sentiment and hope in this song?

Here’s the commercial version:

And here’s the full length version from The New Seekers:

Turn Turn Turn

31 Days of Promise

31 Days of Promise, Day 11

Turn, Turn, Turn – The Byrds

Why This Song? Those words, inspired by the book of Ecclesiastes. That reminder that life ebbs and flows, but that good times will cycle through again. That promise that whatever we’re going through, it is but a season – and as we all know, seasons change.

Shining Through

31 Days of Promise

31 Days of Promise, Day 10

You’ll Come Shining Through, Tom Chapin

Why This Song? My kids all have a thing for Tom Chapin. We played his music a LOT when the boys were little, and my girls got to see him in a very small and intimate performance this fall. We sing The Library Song almost every time we head to the library, and there are phrases from many of his tunes that find their way into our conversation on a regular basis. But this song is extra special because of that reminder we all need: that even when things suck, you can make a difference. You can do the right thing. You can still come shining through.

Fly Little White Dove

31 Days of Promise

31 Days of Promise, Day 9

Fly Little White Dove, Fly – The Bells

Why This Song? Maybe it’s just because I was a teen in the 70’s, but it seems to me that that was the decade with the best Peace and Harmony songs. (Though the 60’s definitely had some keepers.) I’ll leave that for the musicologists to debate. Meanwhile, this song, which you probably never heard of unless you were a teen in Canada in the 70’s. It’s easy to learn. It sings of love and togetherness even in times of darkness. It has a dove and clapping, and it’s just one that you can see yourself singing along with a crowd at a concert, everyone swaying and clapping and singing together in a moment of harmony. So yeah. Fly, little white dove. Fly.


31 Days of Promise

31 Days of Promise, Day 8

Imagine, John Lennon

Why this song? I’m not a huge Beatles fan. Nor am I big on any of the individual artists, though I have seen (and enjoyed) Ringo and Paul in concert. But it’s impossible to gloss over this song and it’s call to imagine the best, to hold tight to the dream, to remember what we’re wishing for. And I must say that the simple video does a beautiful job of bringing this song to life.