Catching Up


So what’s been happening here at Casa Kitty in the last while?


There was writing. I think I told you that I finished the draft of the next Calypso Falls story. That went into the editor in mid-March, right after the mega snowstorm that closed school and kept the husband home for two days. (That was an adventure.) While I’m waiting to hear back from my editor regarding revisions, I’m busily tapping away at the next Comeback Cove story. Right now I am at the point where it’s giving me fits and I am sure that it will never come together and it’s totally boring and if it can be turned into a real book it will take 500 acts of God. All I can say is, thank heaven for revisions.

Spring finally seems to have arrived. It’s amazing to think that the giant mega snowstorm was just a month ago. Now the grass is green, the flowers are poking out, and we’re having all the fun of discovering what is planted and what we need to do here at Casa Kitty. (Here’s a hint: we have our work cut out for us.) This place is lovely, but it is very overgrown. It will take years to get it to the point where I would like it. Luckily we have years.

20170412_202211Then there was Passover/Holy Week, or, as we were calling it by the time Easter rolled around, Holy Hell Week. Why that name, you ask? Let me break it down for you.  Sunday: two Palm Sunday services with the choir. Monday: Passover. Singing, feasting, celebrating, and way too much wine.  Tuesday: HRH had a majorly anxiety-inducing music competition at school.  Wednesday: open. We dropped.  Maundy Thursday: church service, choir rehearsal, and an additional practice session for HRH and the organist in preparation for upcoming performances.  Friday: being Good Friday, the girls had no school.  We observe the day  in a most heretical way  by going to the mall to find clothes for the girls to wear to Maestros wedding.  That evening was the Good Friday service at church.  More singing. HRH had two cello pieces.  Holy Saturday: picking out blinds, five hundred errands, Easter prep and packing. Easter: two more church services for me, a fellowship brunch between them, and then the Tsarina and I hit the road for a fast and festive overnighter with family in Canada.

It was a danged good thing they had the next week off school. Not that we took it easy. Nope. Hi ho, hi ho, to Washington DC (and Gettysburg) we did go. Our timing was great. We had planned this months ago, and then it turned out to be the same day as the Science March on Washington. The weather was rainy and miserable, but we still had a blast seeing the signs and adding our cheers to those of the crowd. We hit up a few of the Smithsonian Institute buildings (including Air and Space, where I giggled way too much20170421_143552 over these Space Crew Barbies), the husband took the girls on a tour of the White House, we wandered around most of the monuments, and we walked EVERYWHERE. On the first day I logged over 27,000 steps. That’s a lot of aching muscles. Luckily, we also found some fabulous places to eat, including a cafeteria-style Italian place and an Ethiopian restaurant. All were totally delicious and did their part to make sure that we suffered no ill-effects from all of that walking.

And of course we spent way too much time watching this:

fidget april


Back To It

First things first: I have been very bad about blogging lately.  After all the changes in 2016, I am pleased to say that 2017 has been – knock wood – pretty calm thus far. This is a very good thing for Kris the person, but it makes for less than thrilling blogs.

However, this morning I had cause to go back and reread some old posts. I got sucked in and kept on reading. There was nothing amazing or incredibly fascinating about any of those old posts, but it hit me that they were a wonderful reminder of what was happening back then. So I’m back to blogging with the full realization that very few folks will be reading, but you know what? Someday, I’ll look back and remember. And that’s as good a reason as any.

I’ll have an update post in a couple of days. In the meantime, here’s the requisite photo of a cat. In a box. But it’s not a cliche, damn it.

Caesar box

Happy Everything Week!

It’s that time of year.

  • Jelly beans and gefilte fish. 
  • Peeps and plagues. 
  • Colored eggs and egg matzah. 

It would be easy to feel pulled in two different directions at this time of year (especially when you thrown in a high school music festival and a school break). But then I think about the many ways that the events of this week are tied. 

  • Ceremony and song.
  • Liberation and hope.
  • Miracles and miracles. 

It truly is a week of everything for everyone. May yours be blessed indeed. 

There’s A Silver Lining To Everything

It’s a  gorgeous day here at Casa Kitty, so I decided to work on the deck. I brought out my alpha smart and a drink and a notebook, and I was all set. But then Caesar started mewing. He wanted to join me.

I put him on his leash and fastened it to the deck so he could roam around, and I started to work. The bad news: he got tangled up so many times that I lost count of how often I had to stop, untangle him, and set him running again. 

Not so great for my word count, but my step count for the day is through the roof.