First Came Baby – Teaser Time!

Cover 9781335449160_LPFirst – don’t forget to enter my contest!

Here’s a little snippet from First Came Baby as we count down the days until it releases. In this scene, Boone has just come home to Canada from Peru, and he and Kate are walking around the outside of her house to see what repairs are needed.

(Kate) laughed. “You want proof that you can take a guy out of Canada but you can’t take the Canadian out of the guy? You just apologized to a baby. For something he can’t even understand yet.”

Boone’s grin was slow to appear, but when it did—in full surprised delight—it was well worth the wait. “I guess some things are too ingrained to forget.”

Kate was inclined to agree. Especially when Boone gave his jacket a tug and a pat, and she remembered the way he always did that when he got dressed. A final tug. A final pat. And then, usually, a final kiss before he headed out the door.

How many times had that last kiss turned into something more?

And how many times would she be fool enough to torture herself with memories such as that before she—

Boone looked past her to the road. “Looks like you have company.”

Kate turned. One glance at the little white hatchback turning into her driveway and her heart sank.

“Oh, God,” she said bleakly. “It’s my mother.”

Boone flinched. “She still pissed at me?”

“Yes.” There was no point in sugarcoating the truth, especially when Boone was well aware that he was high on Maggie Hebert’s hit list. “I meant to warn you, but I thought she’d give us at least a full day.”

“And lose the element of surprise?”

At least he didn’t sound too worried.

“There’s one thing in your favor. Allie’s former fiancé moved into the Number One Scum spot when the Mounties showed up. You, at least, tried to do the right thing.” Kate waved at her mother, now walking toward them. “If we can get her talking about that, it’ll remind her that you’re a prince in comparison.”

“I’m not holding my breath,” he said, then waved as cheerfully as if Kate hadn’t just given him the equivalent of a battle plan. “Hello, Maggie!”

Kate winced. “It’s Mrs. Hebert to you,” she reminded him, but it was too late. Maggie was already scowling as she climbed the steps.

“Good morning, Katie. Good morning, sweet little Jamie.” She looked past them. “Boone.”

Kate closed her eyes against the whirlwind generated by being dragged abruptly back into adolescent embarrassment over her mother.

“Mom. Be nice.”

“I’m always nice.”

Right. According to Maggie, the fact that Boone still had testicles was proof of her magnanimity.

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Valentine’s Day Reunion


I’m sure I’m not the only one who ever thinks back to characters in books I’ve loved and Happy Valentine's Day!wondered what would have happened had their stories continued. Would the lovers stay together? Marry? Have kids? Move to South America and go on a crime spree?

With that in mind, for Valentine’s Day this year I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane and check in with the heroes and heroines of my past books.  Some of them made cameo appearances in stories that came after theirs, so not all of this will be new to long-time readers, but I’m hoping there’s a surprise or two in this list for everyone.

A Better Father coverSam and Libby (A Better Father) got married the Christmas after their story ended, which allowed them to easily work in a honeymoon around Libby’s teaching schedule. Sam updated Camp Overlook to enable it to be used as a wedding and conference venue in the non-camp months. Libby adopted Casey (who still sees his Aunt Sharon every month), and she and Sam have a daughter named Mira, in honor of her honorary Aunt Myra.

Cover NowYouSeeMeJ.T. and Lyddie (Now You See Me) had a long-distance relationship while he finished up the school year in Arizona, but that gave Lyddie plenty of time to find a new job in the Ottawa area and get herself and her kids settled. Her daughter Sara found a wonderful music teacher in Ottawa. J.T.’s mother Iris and Lyddie’s mother-in-law Ruth share an apartment just ten minutes away. The new family includes a dog named Orion and a cat named Furball (both rescues).

Dating a Single Dad - coverBrynn and Hank (Dating a Single Dad) did indeed have the real wedding that Hank’s grandmother Moxie had craved. His daughter Millie was an adorable flower girl. Hank is still updating all the cabins and Brynn has just returned to her job as Director of Special Projects at Northstar Dairy following her maternity leave after the birth of their son Noah. Neither Hank or Brynn know it yet, but there is another maternity leave coming up. It seems they celebrated Valentine’s Day a bit early while Millie was at her mother’s, and Brynn is now pregnant with twins.

COVER A Family Come TrueIan and Darcy (A Family Come True) got married in Picket Fence Surprise and are now eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child together. Evan Paul North is due in April. Ian has been working hard to establish the Northstar Foundation, and will soon be hiring a new field officer to handle their international efforts. Darcy has cut back on her author assistant work to have more time with daughter Cady and prepare for little Evan, but she continues to act as her mother’s Godsend.

coverHeather and Xander (Picket Fence Surprise) are overjoyed to announce the arrival of Patrick Ian, 8 pounds 13 ounces, on May 31. Heather loves her job as Tourism Director, and is looking forward to returning when her maternity leave ends, but for the moment she is happily building her days around Patrick, his half-sister Millie, and his other half-sister Cady (not to mention Lulu the dog). Xander, who recently started volunteering with a program to help those newly-released from prison readjust to life outside, knows without a doubt that he is the luckiest man to ever walk the face of the earth.

Anthology coverWhitney and Jed (If I Fall) recovered nicely from their tree fort adventure and are walking around Comeback Cove in a state of bliss at finally being together. Even the fact that everyone they know has been expecting this for years can’t dim their happiness. Whit doesn’t know it yet, but Jed has a special Valentine’s Day gift picked out for her. It’s round and sparkly and he can’t wait to see how it looks on her left hand.

Best Man Takes a Bride coverAnd as for Cash and Allie? Well, the adventure they began in Best Man Takes a Bride will continue in First Came Baby, which stars Allie’s sister Kate. So if you wanted to know what happened after Allie woke up to the truth, be sure to pre-order your copy!


Cover 9781335449160_LP





100 Days Challenge

Last week, I mentioned that I’m easing back into writing. I’m rather enjoying this no-deadline thing (not so fond of the no-money part, but what can you do?), but the down side is that without a deadline, there’s no push to get me into the chair. With other activities rushing to fill the space that used to be spent writing, it was become terrifyingly easy to say, well, it can wait until tomorrow.

But as with exercise and so many other activities, the longer you go without writing, the less likely you are to pick it up again. I didn’t want that. So to keep me on the straight and narrow without scaring myself off with too-ambitious goals, I decided it was time for a 100 Day Challenge.

The premise is simple: for 100 days straight, I will write 100 words. Can I write more? Absolutely. Do I have to? Nope. As long as I write one hundred measly words on the story, I get to count the day as a writing success. And yes, this means coloring in a box on a spreadsheet AND putting a sticker on a calendar. Obviously I am still stuck in second grade.

Screenshot (1)

Now, one hundred words doesn’t take a long time to write. I can do that in five minutes if I focus. The beauty of this challenge, though, is that it gets me through the hardest part of the process – sitting down and opening the file. It’s a lot easier to motivate myself to get to the computer if I know it’s only for five or ten minutes.

turtleThe other beauty, of course, is that once I’ve started, it’s easier to keep going. I’ve been at this for two weeks as of this writing, and I’ve actually done at least 250 words/day every day. That’s still nothing compared to what I was doing last year, but slow and steady wins the race and all that jazz.

And if, by taking the turtle route, I’m able to regain my love of writing and coax another book out of myself – well, that will be the ultimate win.

It’s a New Release Contest!

Cover 9781335449160_LPI wanted to do something special to celebrate the upcoming release of First Came Baby. Not only is it my last Superromance (sigh), but my hero, Boone, works in Peru for an organization loosely modeled on a great real-world one called Awamaki.

Awamaki’s purpose, according to their website, is to “connect Andean artisan weavers with global markets, and empower women and girls with education and financial independence.” They do wonderful work on a number of different fronts – training, artisanal co-operatives, sustainable tourism, and much more. Definitely a cause worth supporting.

So to celebrate the release of First Came Baby, I’m giving away this gorgeous heathered hat and a matching set of fingerless gloves, which came from Awamaki’s online store. They’re hand knit from 100% alpaca wool. Alpaca is warm, fine, and sooooo soft!


Entering to win this snuggly set is easy. Shoot me an email – kris AT – with the word AWAMAKI in the subject line. One entry per person, please. (Though if you’re signed up for my newsletter, there will be a different subject line provided there, and you can absolutely enter a second time with that word.) This contest will close March 1, when First Comes Baby releases in North America.

Questions? You can always reach me at that same email address, or via the form on the Contact page.

Thanks for reading, be sure to enter, and good luck!

Hello Out There!

Well, January was a quiet month on the blog. It seems that after all the busy-ness of the holidays, a little peace and calm was in order. Well – as peaceful as it can ever be here at Casa Kitty 🙂

But here we are. New month, new adventures, new book coming out in March (though I believe it’s already out in Australia, and how cool is THAT?)

I also have a new book in progress. As with this blog, I’m easing my way back into regular writing, taking it slow and easy. It’s a new direction for me, so I don’t want to rush. (Not to mention I’ve taken on some new volunteer duties – you know, that whole LIFE thing – and they need a serious chunk of my attention right now.) No deadlines, no pressure. I’m trying to rediscover what it’s like to write for pleasure. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is Groundhog Day, and I am SO ready to have a quality night with Bill Murray et al. We’ll do pork meatballs for dinner (because they’re made from GROUND HOG – get it?), and I might make little chocolate parfaits with cookies popping out of the top to look like groundhogs. (Oh, Pinterest, you seductive mistress …)

Then next week I’ll be back. We’ll talk books. And a contest. And other fun stuff.

Until then, enjoy. Here’s a couple of cat pics to keep you smiling.