This is what you call a good news/bad news post.

The good news: with the book handed in and school out, I can finally focus on some of the organizational stuff that we didn’t have time to do properly when we moved in last year. As you may recall, we moved August 22’ish. I spent the next few days frantically recleaning the old house so it could be shown (now that we had moved all the stuff that was hiding the dust), then unpacking the essentials of the new place, then went to Erie for a so-called writing weekend (I was so exhausted I barely moved off the sofa), then home to get ready for the new school year. We’re settled and doing just fine, but there were still many boxes never unpacked, many systems that were a function of necessity, not preference.

So the good news: we’re finally getting to it.

Over the weekend we were able to work on the shed we bought just before Christmas. It was, as you might imagine, overflowing with stuff we threw in there willy-nilly. Snow, the holidays, the final stuff from the old house – it all contributed to a “chuck it in and close your eyes” mentality. On Saturday, we finally had both the time and the dryer cooler weather necessary to cleaning it out. So we did. EVERYTHING came out. EVERYTHING got organized into piles on the yard. EVERYTHING then went either in the house or back in the shed, based on frequency of use.


Next up: my poor office.

The problems:

  • there’s a piano in here. It was supposed to go in the playroom, but the movers couldn’t get it through the door.
  • there’s a big giant chair in here. I like it, but seriously, when do I get to use it?
  • there’s too much crap
  • there’s not enough wall space for what I want.

office rearWorst of all? I have to use this old photo from when we moved, because I can’t even take a new picture to show you what I mean, because my phone died last week (farewell, motherboard), and I’m using an old castoff from my husband and while it’s better than nothing, it’s not mine.

So that’s the bad news.

It’ll work out somehow. But if anyone has some inspiration to spare, I could surely use it.


Surprise Sale!

Dating a Single Dad - coverHey! The digital (ebook) edition of  DATING A SINGLE DAD is currently on sale for just 99 cents!

Not sure why it’s on sale, or for how long. None of my other Harlequins are. My guess is it’s a Father’s Day promotion.

Not sure why it’s just US, either. (Sorry, rest of the world!) But if you are in the US and you’d like to pick up a fun read at a low low price, this is the time!

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Another Book in the Wall


That was the joyful cry heard around Casa Kitty at 11:30 a.m. on Monday, June 19, as I hit the SEND button to start the next Comeback Cove novel flying to my editor in Toronto. cat celebrationCan you say Relieved? (I knew you could.)

This one was a particularly rough slog to the finish. I had a first draft mostly written by the beginning of May. Not bad for a mid-June deadline. I went on a retreat, examined everything I had, and decided what needed to be changed/tightened/rearranged in the last quarter of the book, which would put me in great shape for revisions.

Then came May 15 – the day we learned that the Superromance line would be ending. It took a couple of days to recover from that news. Once I was able to think again, I realized that this meant the book in progress would be my last Super.

Which meant I wanted to tie up a thread that has been in all of my Comeback Cove books.

Which meant I had to replot the whole thing again, ditch half of what I’d written, heavily revise most of what was left, and write about half the book from scratch. In … um …four weeks.

Now you know why I took a blogging break 🙂

I needed a couple of extra days, but it got finished. Well – mostly finished. Much of it is still first draft, so there’s a lot that’s raw and feels unconnected to the rest. Also, the ending totally sucks. Also, the love scene starts off with lots of teasing and fun and then includes a not that says – I kid you not – The scene will continue from here. They will need to address … followed by enough that my poor editor will know the emotional impact of the scene.

I felt really bad about that. But here’s the thing: I HATE writing love scenes. So, so much. I often leaven them until they end, because (a) that way I have a really good grasp of the characters, so I can do a better job knowing how they would proceed, and (b) having that deep knowledge means I don’t have to revise that scene as much as I would if I wrote it in chronological order. Oh, plus, they take way longer to write than other scenes. Oh, and did I mention that during the last days before the deadline, we were having AC installed? Yeah. Maybe I’m unprofessional, but I couldn’t imagine writing a love scene with guys walking past my office every five minutes, all talking about furnaces and ducts and wiring. Not quite the mood I need.

But it got finished. And I am free. And thank the dear sweet Lord, there will be a chance to fix up the many, many problems. Revisions are a writer’s best friend.

Well – revisions and cheesecake.

20170611_111554_HDRcat celebration

Waltzing With Bears

Years ago, we went to a craft show – maybe in Maine – and found this sculpture.

I’m not much of an art person, but I fell in love with this right away. It reminded me of this whimsical song that has always been one of my favorites.

When we moved, I set it on our rock wall big plant garden because I thought it would make a lovely welcome to the house. And it does. But the plants behind it have become very very big. My lovely dancing bears do not stand out the way that I would like.

So I am considering painting them. The question is, what color? Not green, obviously – that would just blend in. Silver? Gold? Maybe even hot pink or purple to highlight the whimsical nature?

I’m open to any and all suggestions. Because these guys really do deserve to be shown off.


Fairy Delight

The Tsarina loves fairy houses. When her brother was in university in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!), she loved going downtown to find fairy doors and homes in the shops.

At Christmas she received a fairy door, some unfinished houses, and some paints. We did some painting a while back 

and added another little house today. 

Then we took everything outside and started our own fairy village. 

Welcome, fairies. We hope you visit often. 

Super Anthology Excitement!

Come October, we'll beI have news, and it makes me so happy that I can share it with you!

If you’re on Facebook you may have seen this announcement floating around from other folks, but twelve Superromance authors (moi included) are teaming together to create a collection of novellas! The anthology title will be Falling For You and it will release in October. All the stories will be set in small towns that are part of each individual author’s world. So yes, mine will be a Comeback Cove tale.  I can’t tell you exactly where it will take place just yet, but here’s a hint: if you read A Better Father, you’ve already been there 🙂

I’ll keep you posted as things develop, but for now, just know that even though Superromances are ending, there is still a future for Comeback Cove.