Painting Update, June 5

I have good news and bad news.

Let’s do the bad news first. There has not been a lot of chair painting happening the last few weeks. I did get in there once. I put a final coat of white on the rungs, so there was some progress. See?


(Yes, I know it doesn’t look any different than it did a month ago. But trust me. I applied paint.)

However, the bulk of painting time had to go to another project. I present to you – the door.

img_1827 I have mentioned before that my office used to be a garage. It was all converted before we bought this house. But the door to my office was old, heavy, and metal. That was OK.

But it opened the wrong way. It opened into the hall, which blocked a nice section of usable wall space. Our entry hall is very tiny. So I wanted all the space we could get.

We asked our handy-dandy carpenter guy about reversing the direction, but his advice was to simply remove the old door and put on a new one. Not sure why that made the most sense, but we trust him, so that’s what we did.

Which left us with an unfinished door in the hall.

Didn’t really matter for a while. But then, you know what comes next.


There was frantic taping and painting and all that jazz for a few nights, and the mess in my office was QUITE disheartening, but in the end, it was all worth it. img_1841-1

The door is lovely and finished and, in a bonus turn of events, almost a perfect match for my desk and curtains. (And that truly was a bonus: I used the leftover paint from my bathroom for the door, so no coordination was planned.)

I’m ever so pleased with how it turned out. And even more pleased that it’s done and I can return to my previously scheduled chair.