Painting Update, May 8

Over the years, we have gone through a number of different dining room chairs. We’ve added and subtracted, and while the result is quite functional, sometimes I think it would be nice to have chairs that totally matched.

Since all of our chairs still work, and I was in no hurry to go out and buy more, I decided that the best solution would be to paint the ones we have. This made sense on a couple of levels. First, it would give uniformity to the chairs we have. Second, many of our chairs are showing their years, (not to mention the number of kids they’ve endured), so they were in sore need of some TLC.

The solution? Chalk paint.

I have one chair finished. We have six that go around our dining room table. I still have a job ahead of me. But here is where I am at, right now, with chair number two.

The next few weeks are going to be very busy, so I am not sure how often I will be able to get to this project. But fingers are crossed.