Writing Update, May 1

When last we talked about the work in progress, I had a synopsis and was confettiworking on a solution for a sticky plot. The good news is, I think I found the solution! Still tweaking and experimenting, but it feels good. So, you know. Confetti toss!

The other implication of this is – I (finally!) get to start writing! Like, actual words on the page! As of this moment, I’m just over 2500 words in (about 10 pages). Since I’m aiming for a final product of 85-90,000 words, it’s safe to say I still have a way to go. But it’s been a long time since I made it even this far. I’m counting it as both a win and the start of the next phase.

Best of all, this weekend I’m heading out for a writing retreat at Ye Olde Cabin in the Woods. By my next report I should be well into the double digits on my word count. Away we go!