Knitting Update, April 24

img_1682-1I like to have a knitting project on hand. It’s such a lovely hobby, quiet and meditative (at least if you choose simple projects like I do), easy to pick up and work on for a few spare minutes between other tasks.

Right now I’m making this lightweight, skinny scarf out of sock yarn. Isn’t it pretty? I love the variations in the color. The pattern is simple, easy to memorize, and because it’s skinny, it’s easy to get through one or two rows at a time. I really hate having to drop everything in the middle of a row. Recipe for disaster, right there.

So all in all, I’m pleased with this project and how it’s turning out. There’s only one problem:

I started it in February.

And this is how much I’ve got:


For reference – that’s a standard size tray table it’s resting on. So my scarf-in-progress is maybe … six inches long? Eight? Let’s be generous and go with eight. Eight inches in two months = four inches/month = this project should be long enough to wear by next February. Maybe.

I’m fine with keeping this as a relaxing projects worked at a gentle pace, but come on. People have marriages that end faster than this scarf.

However: I have a thought. Instead of working on it whenever I can, I need to create a consistent time and place. You know. Make it a habit.

(Side note: just finished reading/highly recommend Atomic Habits, by James Clear.)

So here’s the plan: three or four days/week, I do a school pick-up. I arrive early to avoid the insane lines, and have been using that waiting time to scroll through my email. No more. The knitting bag is going into the car and will be my Waiting in the Lot project.

Here’s hoping that a Consistent Time _+ a Consistent Space will = Significant Progress!