Maybe It’s the Weather …

img_1669So. It’s been a while.

All has been well here at Casa Kitty, though I am rather astonished at how quickly the time slips past. Christmas and Hanukkah, birthdays and snow days, school breaks and college decisions … the weeks have been full.

The writing schedule, unfortunately, has not.

Oh, I have been working, never fear. But (a) for a lot less time each day than in the past, and (b) mostly on ideas which I run by my poor long-suffering agent only to have her say, sorry, that won’t work. Since I am a Bear of Few Ideas, it takes me a fair bit of time to come up with something new …  then develop it into something resembling an outline … then send it off to the agent … then have to do the lather, rinse, repeat thing. The next thing you know, months have passed and all I can point to as evidence of my attempts is a bunch of deleted computer files and half a forest’s worth of used index cards.


I seem to have finally stumbled upon the right idea.

And spring is finally creeping back into central New York, which means that my office (which used to be a garage) is once again becoming warm enough to inhabit for more than a few moments at a time. I spent the winter working at the dining room table, which has its perks, but in the long run, I don’t think it’s ideal for productivity. For one thing, it’s too close to the kitchen. Also, the cats are up there, and when I catch one of them on the counter I feel compelled to try to chase them down. (They, of course, feel compelled to ignore my efforts.)

More than that, though, is the blurring of lines. I’ve been doing everything at that table – writing work, church work, planning work, homework. Meals happened there, too. It seemed my whole life was taking place in a 2×2 square of my home. Not healthy, and not conducive to focus. Was I sitting down to write or to play a game or to have lunch? Everything was rolling together, and not in a happy cinnamon roll way.

So the other day, I returned to the office and dove in. (To clean, not write. Sorry. But you KNOW that it spent the winter as a repository for everything that had no other home.) I cleaned and rearranged and pitched, and now, it’s my office again. It’s also a crafting area and a music studio and a spare bedroom, so some of the lines are still blurred, but the only thing I really do there is create.

Which brings me to a new focus for this blog.


For the next while, I want to post (regularly!!!) about things I’m creating. Mostly, this will be for accountability. It’s sooooo easy to put off writing and other projects because I need to prep a Sunday School lesson, or send thank you notes for the school committee, or fold laundry. Those things do need to happen but maybe not as often as they’ve been happening, if you get my drift.

So once a week, I’m going to post updates on my projects. There are three of them underway at the moment:

  • the book
  • a knitting project
  • a painting project.

img_1670That’s only three topics, but I figure the book takes more time, so I’ll update that progress twice a month. And if it’s a five-week month, then you’ll get … something else. A recipe review, probably.

So that’s the plan. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you’ll continue to follow along for this slightly-more-decorative portion of the ride. See you next week!


One thought on “Maybe It’s the Weather …

  1. My kitchen is literally the heart of our house, with company opting for the table rather than a living room or library, meals taken there rather than the dining room, and my version of church work happening there, and even downtime watching videos with David there.
    When trying to write, I’ve written at the kitchen table more often than not, but also the living room, the library, the bedroom, the spare room, flitting around trying to set up “workspace” but never finding the perfect spot. It seemed that the thing I loved most wasn’t prioritized. So we finally made the dining room my office and I love it. It’s the most productive spot I’ve had since moving here 17 years ago.
    Having a place to call your own really is essential for writers. Trying to roll it all together into a cinnamon roll (great analogy!) sounds sweet, but in the end, you’re just wasting calories. 😀
    I love your office space. I know you will do great things there!

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