Catching Up with Casa Kitty

Caesar PotterIt’s been a while since I posted about of life here at Casa Kitty – probably because we’ve been too busy doing life to write about it!

October was one of those months when I was away almost as much as I was home. Things kicked off with a visit to Boston for Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving. We saw two out of three sons, one daughter-in-law, two aunts, one uncle, and one mother-in-law. I was assigned to make tiny dessert treats for our turkey feast, so I went for tiny pumpkin cheesecake trifles. I made mine with gingersnap crumbs and dang, they were a huge hit. cups If you’re looking for something festive and easy for the upcoming holidays, you could do far worse. (I ordered these cute little cups from Amazon. Worked perfectly.)

After Boston it was time for a much-needed writing retreat in Erie PA. The highlight of the trip (other than coming up with a new book idea, watching great movies, and, oh yeah, spending time with friends) was that I found a Tim Horton’s just ten minutes from the cabin where we stay! Can you say Timmies Run? I knew you could. And you can bet that I did!

After Erie it was time for one of those highlights of aging life: a colonoscopy. I know. But folks, they really aren’t that bad. Sure, the prep is No Fun At All, but it all happens in the comfort of your own home, and it’s a great excuse to lounge on the sofa and look pathetic. If you’re of an age where you should have one, and you’ve been avoiding it, please don’t delay. It’s a lot easier than, say, a root canal, and it can save your life.

There. PSA accomplished. 🙂

There was yet another trip in October, back to Massachusetts, though this time we stayed in the western part of the state. HRH is a senior this year, which means we have been visiting All The Schools and doing All The Paperwork and making All The Decisions. This trip included two schools,  one shadow day, one overnight visit, and two interviews. Both schools made her final list, and – oh happy day – all of her applications are now in! bravo congratulationsWe closed out the month, as we do all Octobers, with Halloween and a visit to our old neighborhood, where the trick-or-treating is far easier than it is here in the Casa Kitty skeletonarea. We walked the old streets and caught up with old friends and ended the month on a total sugar/joy rush. Which is a good thing indeed, because you know what happens next: a total holiday blitz for the next two months!