That New Book Smell

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First, apologies. It didn’t take much time working under my new blogging/social media schedule to realize that I just plain didn’t have that much to say. I’ve reevaluated my plan, and now have something far more manageable in mind.

Second: I’m starting a new book! This has been a long time coming. I handed in my last pieces of my last contracted work just about this time last year, and then –

What’s that, you say? A year already? How did that happen?

Let me elucidate.

  • First, I took some time to do absolutely nothing but home and family work.
  • Then the holidays were upon us.
  • Then it was the new year, and I started a new book with a new plan.
  • Then I realized that book wasn’t going to work.
  • So I spent time developing another book, with all different characters and an abundance of variations (it’s contemporary! It’s magical realism! It involves a dual timeline!)
  • I finally got a clue, admitted that this wasn’t working, and – wait for it – returned to Book 1.
  • Which I worked at diligently.
  • Then realized it needed more thought, which I did
  • Until summer vacation meant that all my brain power went to maintaining my sanity.
  • Then I dove back into it once school started in September.
  • I wrote words.
  • About 23,000 of them, to be precise.
  • I finally felt ready to share some of it with my agent.
  • She told me, as directly but gently as possible, that it wasn’t working.
  • Um …. Yeah.
  • I spent a few days communing with chocolate.
  • I came up with another idea.
  • My agent said, um, let me show you some examples.
  • I worked up four very basic premises.
  • I sent them to my agent.
  • We talked. She gave me some insights into each of them.
  • I went on a writing retreat weekend, planning to spend a few hours on each premise and then make my decision.
  • I started in on one. And then thought, what if I did this with it? And then what if this happened? And what if ….
  • That took the whole first day.
  • I tried to work on the others on the second day, but they just weren’t doing it.
  • I typed up what I had for Premise #1 (on my phone, because that’s the only way we can access email at this retreat) and sent it to my long-suffering agent.
  • She sent back the magic words:  Run with it.

Honestly, folks, I’ve never been much of a runner. But I think I’m ready to try it now 😊