Everybody (Else) Is Working For The Weekend

SOmeday reAading weekend relaxingEvery Friday (I think), I get an email from Amazon telling me what’s new on Prime that I can watch on the weekend. I also get updates from a couple of local independent theaters letting me know what’s playing on their screens. Oh, and usually somewhere around Wednesday, my husband will start talking about what we’re going to do on the weekend.

All I can think is, obviously I am way out of touch with the rest of the world. Because my weekends stopped being relaxing around October of 1989, which just so happens to be when my first kid was born. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide.

Oh, I do love that joyful feeling of crawling into bed on Friday night without setting the alarm. Weekend meals are a little more relaxed as well – a night of pizza, a lot of leftovers – so that’s a bonus.

But other than that, my weekends are full. For example, here’s what’s on the schedule this coming Saturday and Sunday:

  • selling pumpkins at my church’s annual sale
  • dance lesson for eldest daughter
  • voice lesson for eldest daughter
  • groceries
  • ghost walk through my village (Seriously excited about that one)
  • help eldest daughter make a spreadsheet for the schools she’s applying to
  • prep for/teach Sunday School
  • attend church
  • help youngest daughter with homework
  • and the usual cooking, cleaning, etc that goes into life

To top it off, my husband is on call beginning Friday night. So at any point, night or day, I’ll need to be ready to shift my plans to accommodate him needing to run to a nearby courthouse and represent someone.

The thing is, everyone’s weekends seem like this, at least among my friends. I don’t know anyone who is able to binge watch something on Netflix, or who can plan on more than a couple of hours of fun activities over the weekend. As for flopping down on the sofa with a good book? I try. I do. And if I’m lucky, I’ll manage more than five minutes before I am needed by a kid/cat/husband.

I have hope, though. On Wednesday afternoons, when I volunteer at the local library cafe, I hear the senior citizens talking about the books they’ve read and the movies they’ve seen. It’s like a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, reminding me that life has seasons, and I am (still) in the Family First one. And that, most of the time, I’m glad to be here.

But you know, a little preview wouldn’t be amiss 🙂