The Joy of A Day Off

As I mentioned last Thursday, my kids are finally back in school.

Oh, don’t get me wrong – it was a very good summer. We spent a lot of time swimming and playing board games and watching the hummingbirds visit our feeder. We went to Calgary to visit Maestro and the Saint (and hang out in the Rocky Mountains – OMG, the beauty!). We had a family reunion. We caught up on doctor/dentist/optometrist appointments. We ate corn and roasted marshmallows, the girls planned and cooked dinners, and we gave thanks on a regular basis for Willis Carrier and air conditioning.

But now they’ve gone back, and we’re sliding into our school rhythm. My days will fall back into the familiar pattern of writing/volunteering/school activities. I like that rhythm.

However …

For years, I have always dreamed about taking the first day of school for myself. One day to celebrate making it through summer break (which is many wonderful things, but seriously is NOT a vacation for SAHMs). One day to revel in the peace and quiet. One day to chuck the schedule and lists and just relax.

You know. Like my own personal summer vacation.

For one reason or another, I’ve never truly done this before. Either I still had kids at home, or there was a deadline, or – something. This year, though, I vowed it would happen.

And it did.

I sent everyone off and cleaned the kitchen happily, knowing it would stay clean for longer than thirty minutes. I played on my phone. I went for a long walk (should have been a jog, but the heat/humidity hadn’t yet broken). I set goals for this academic year. I putzed around my office, doing a little tidying. And I spent two glorious hours parked on the sofa. just me and an iced latte and a good book.

first day back

(The cats joined me right after I snapped that pic.)

We hear, over and over, that it’s important to celebrate moments and achievements, both large and the steps along the way. That’s a message I have embraced but not enacted. This year, however, I’m making that one of my goals: to notice, commemorate, and celebrate the moments. The occasion doesn’t have to be one the world deems important, as long as I do. The celebration doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive or time consuming, as long as it brings joy.

And reader, believe me – that, it did.

#TuesdayTip: celebrate your moments, your way.