DIY Fascinator!

The royal wedding is almost upon us,  and the authors at Coffee, Cupcakes, and hat 1Contemporaries are celebrating big time.  We’re talking about wedding traditions, the guest list, the food, and – of course – what to wear. And since a royal wedding absolutely requires a fancy little hat (aka a fascinator) – even if you’re just watching it on the telly in the comfort of your own home –  I wanted to share my method of making one yourself. It used supplies you can get at any craft store for VERY little money. Because I don’t know about you, but it’s not like I get invited to enough of these weddings to drop a major chunk o’ change on a hat.

hat 2The materials:

  • a circle of felt (mine is about 4 inches/10 cm across)
  • a small comb or barrette
  • four or more circles of tulle, about twice the size of your felt
  • fake feathers
  • fake jewels
  • a hot glue gun.

(Sorry about the blurry photo. My camera was in a mood.)


Plug in your glue gun and let it heat up.

Glue the barrette or comb in the middle of your felt circle.

hat 3

Let it sit for a minute until the glue isn’t sticky. Then flip it over, squeeze a circle of glue into the middle of the felt, and stick most of your tulle circles (save one or two) into the glue. NOTE: I found it very helpful to use a disposable chopstick to press the tulle down into the glue.)

hat 4

When those first circles are mostly set, fold/roll your remaining tulle into a cone shape and glue that above the existing glue circle. (See photo above.) You want this one to stand up a bit, so try to glue it at an angle. Again, a chopstick is your best friend here.

Now add feathers. I glue on about three or four – the back layer – let them dry a few seconds, then add more.

hat 5

Break for a moment to chase the curious cat off the counter (where he knows damned well he’s not supposed to be!) before he connects with the glue gun. Because who has time to run to the vet today?

hat 5a

Squeeze another dab of glue into the center and apply your shiny jewels.

hat 6

Let it all sit until you’re positive that all the glue is cold and set. You do NOT want to rush this and end up with hot glue in your hair! But once you’re sure it’s safe, go ahead and clip your fascinator into place. Then run to the mirror and admire your posh self. You are totally ready for this wedding!