First Came Baby – Teaser Time!

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Here’s a little snippet from First Came Baby as we count down the days until it releases. In this scene, Boone has just come home to Canada from Peru, and he and Kate are walking around the outside of her house to see what repairs are needed.

(Kate) laughed. “You want proof that you can take a guy out of Canada but you can’t take the Canadian out of the guy? You just apologized to a baby. For something he can’t even understand yet.”

Boone’s grin was slow to appear, but when it did—in full surprised delight—it was well worth the wait. “I guess some things are too ingrained to forget.”

Kate was inclined to agree. Especially when Boone gave his jacket a tug and a pat, and she remembered the way he always did that when he got dressed. A final tug. A final pat. And then, usually, a final kiss before he headed out the door.

How many times had that last kiss turned into something more?

And how many times would she be fool enough to torture herself with memories such as that before she—

Boone looked past her to the road. “Looks like you have company.”

Kate turned. One glance at the little white hatchback turning into her driveway and her heart sank.

“Oh, God,” she said bleakly. “It’s my mother.”

Boone flinched. “She still pissed at me?”

“Yes.” There was no point in sugarcoating the truth, especially when Boone was well aware that he was high on Maggie Hebert’s hit list. “I meant to warn you, but I thought she’d give us at least a full day.”

“And lose the element of surprise?”

At least he didn’t sound too worried.

“There’s one thing in your favor. Allie’s former fiancé moved into the Number One Scum spot when the Mounties showed up. You, at least, tried to do the right thing.” Kate waved at her mother, now walking toward them. “If we can get her talking about that, it’ll remind her that you’re a prince in comparison.”

“I’m not holding my breath,” he said, then waved as cheerfully as if Kate hadn’t just given him the equivalent of a battle plan. “Hello, Maggie!”

Kate winced. “It’s Mrs. Hebert to you,” she reminded him, but it was too late. Maggie was already scowling as she climbed the steps.

“Good morning, Katie. Good morning, sweet little Jamie.” She looked past them. “Boone.”

Kate closed her eyes against the whirlwind generated by being dragged abruptly back into adolescent embarrassment over her mother.

“Mom. Be nice.”

“I’m always nice.”

Right. According to Maggie, the fact that Boone still had testicles was proof of her magnanimity.

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