It’s a New Release Contest!

Cover 9781335449160_LPI wanted to do something special to celebrate the upcoming release of First Came Baby. Not only is it my last Superromance (sigh), but my hero, Boone, works in Peru for an organization loosely modeled on a great real-world one called Awamaki.

Awamaki’s purpose, according to their website, is to “connect Andean artisan weavers with global markets, and empower women and girls with education and financial independence.” They do wonderful work on a number of different fronts – training, artisanal co-operatives, sustainable tourism, and much more. Definitely a cause worth supporting.

So to celebrate the release of First Came Baby, I’m giving away this gorgeous heathered hat and a matching set of fingerless gloves, which came from Awamaki’s online store. They’re hand knit from 100% alpaca wool. Alpaca is warm, fine, and sooooo soft!


Entering to win this snuggly set is easy. Shoot me an email – kris AT – with the word AWAMAKI in the subject line. One entry per person, please. (Though if you’re signed up for my newsletter, there will be a different subject line provided there, and you can absolutely enter a second time with that word.) This contest will close March 1, when First Comes Baby releases in North America.

Questions? You can always reach me at that same email address, or via the form on the Contact page.

Thanks for reading, be sure to enter, and good luck!

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