Hello Out There!

Well, January was a quiet month on the blog. It seems that after all the busy-ness of the holidays, a little peace and calm was in order. Well – as peaceful as it can ever be here at Casa Kitty 🙂

But here we are. New month, new adventures, new book coming out in March (though I believe it’s already out in Australia, and how cool is THAT?)

I also have a new book in progress. As with this blog, I’m easing my way back into regular writing, taking it slow and easy. It’s a new direction for me, so I don’t want to rush. (Not to mention I’ve taken on some new volunteer duties – you know, that whole LIFE thing – and they need a serious chunk of my attention right now.) No deadlines, no pressure. I’m trying to rediscover what it’s like to write for pleasure. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is Groundhog Day, and I am SO ready to have a quality night with Bill Murray et al. We’ll do pork meatballs for dinner (because they’re made from GROUND HOG – get it?), and I might make little chocolate parfaits with cookies popping out of the top to look like groundhogs. (Oh, Pinterest, you seductive mistress …)

Then next week I’ll be back. We’ll talk books. And a contest. And other fun stuff.

Until then, enjoy. Here’s a couple of cat pics to keep you smiling.