WestJet Christmas Miracle

31 Days of Promise

31 Days of Promise, Day 24

The WestJet Christmas Miracle 2017

This isn’t a song.  But I am a huge fan of the annual WestJet Christmas Miracle, and it gives me great joy to share their video each year.

For those who don’t know, WestJet is a Canadian airline, and each year for the past – four, five? – years, they’ve done something amazing for the holidays. One year they asked everyone getting on a flight what they wanted for Christmas, and when the plane landed, those gifts came tumbling down the chute at baggage claim.  One year they went to the Dominican Republic to fill individual wishes and build a playground. Last year they staged a giant festival for the folks of Fort MacMurray, which had been devastated by a massive wildfire that forced the entire population to evacuate.

And this year? Well, see for yourself …