Let It Be

31 Days of Promise, Day 20

Let It Be, Paul McCartney

Why this song?

I’ve never being a rabid Beatles fan. I like them. I think they did some amazing stuff. But I never felt that my life would be incomplete if I didn’t see one or more Beatle live. 

But this past September, my husband wanted to see Sir Paul perform in town. I agreed. The place was crowded, it was boiling hot, and we had to walk forever to get there, but damn. Sir Paul sure knows how to put on a show. There were times when he even made me forget about the discomfort as I got lost in the music. 

This song was the highlight for me. It was just him, a piano, and an arena full of people singing along. The lights went dim. The sparkly cell phones went on. And for a few minutes, we were all together, singing in unison, reminding ourselves that life would be okay. That we will carry on. That sometimes, all we need to do is let go and let it be.