We Need A Little … Music

31 Days of Promise

So on the off chance that you didn’t know this already, December begins … um … tomorrow. Which means that we are now in the home stretch. Hanukkah begins in 12 days. Christmas is in just over three weeks. Every group you are part of will be planning some sort of gathering, and the music is on the radio, and you need to think about 2018 goals, and wait, what do you mean the party next Friday is a pot luck, and –

I happen to believe that this truly IS the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. But there’s no denying that it’s also the Most Frantic Time Of The Year. Not to mention that it’s a time for looking back over the past months to take stock, and I don’t know about you, but these I get petrified just thinking about the last ten minutes or so. I foresee a lot of hyperventilating in my future.

Which brings us to music.

Last December I did 25 Days of Happy – 25 blog posts about things that had brought me joy over the previous twelve months. This year, I feel like what I need most is something to give me hope as we evaluate 2017 and prepare for the future. For me, the fastest way to feel more optimistic about anything is through music.

And so, in December, I’ll be doing 31 Days of Promise- a blog post each day, each sharing a song that I find gives me hope. Songs that remind me that love is all around, that it can overcome hate, that peace and joy and compassion and goodness are not lost. Songs that help me look to the future with eyes wide open.

Some of the songs will be corny, and some will be ancient, and some will probably make you cringe. Doesn’t matter. This is my list. Yours will undoubtedly differ, and you know, I can think of far worse things to do than to create your own Running Into 2018 playlist.

So crank up the volume, tune up your air guitar, and come along. Join in when you know the words. Sing with all your heart. It’ll do you good.

Besides, it’s almost impossible to hyperventilate when you’re singing.