With American Thanksgiving just a week away (OMG did I remember to buy the turkey yet?), I thought I’d share one of my family’s favorite Turkey Day stories.

There are plenty of contenders. There was the year I forgot to add the sugar to the cranberry bread … and the year I forgot to add the sugar to the white chocolate cheesecake … but my favorite was the year my husband decided that Thanksgiving made no sense.

Now, I’m sure that he was simply trying to let me know that he didn’t need a mega-meal with all the trimmings, and that he would be fine with doing something simpler. Or maybe he was simply trying to avoid the inevitable Thursday morning moment when I stand at the door to the kitchen, wooden spoon in hand, threatening to use it on anyone who dares enter. Whatever.

In any case, a couple of weeks before this particular Thanksgiving, Hubs started saying that it really was a silly holiday. What was the point? Who needed all that food? Who got anything out of it, except the grocery store? Who needed all that hassle?

He had a point, I’ll agree, but when you’re up to your hips in planning and cleaning and brining and stuffing, those aren;t exactly the words you want to hear. So on my next trip to the grocery store, I picked up a little something special for the hubby. I let the kids in on the surprise. And on Thanksgiving Day, when all the food was set out on the table and I called everyone to dinner, my husband found this at his place:


hungryman_turkey_01Yes, folks, it’s true. I put a Hungry Man frozen turkey dinner on my husband’s plate. Still in it’s plastic serving dish, just to help drive the point home.

Being the good sport he is, Hubs looked, laughed, and got the message. He ate some of his very special meal before diving into the real deal with – dare I say – renewed appreciation.

And he has never said a word against Thanksgiving since then.

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