Better Late Than Never

We’ve been in this house 15 months and I’m finally unpacking and hanging  the photos.

I know, I know. I waited long enough, right? But when we moved, at the end of last August,  the first priority was to unpack the most essential items – clothes, pots and pans, cleaning supplies. Then we were deep into the school year, and it was time to put up the Halloween decorations, so what was the point of hanging photos that I would only be taking down to make way for Halloween? And then Thanksgiving? And then the December holidays?

By the time we took down the Christmas and Hanukkah decorations, I was into the Year Of Never Ending Deadlines and Releases. Plus we were used to the boxes by that point. They came in handy sometimes. The cats liked to climb on them.

But now that I’m on my time as opposed to deadline time, I can’t put it off any longer. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to hang a half dozen items every day. And I must admit, it does make a difference. There’s something about being surrounded by smiling faces all day that just feels right.

But we don;t have a ton of wall space, so I have to be creative. Some older, smaller photos are getting mounted on cupboards, like this:


The little nook around the dining room computer proved to be the perfect spot for my husband’s collection of Star Trek memorabilia:


And remember this?

tree decal 3

Yeah. It finally has photos.


There are still many boxes ahead, many frames to hang, many memories to relive as I look over each photo. But I have to say that of all the tasks associated with moving, this one is turning out the be my favorite.

Even if it did take me for-freaking-ever.