Bring On The Yum

It looks like we are finally going to get fall weather that’s going to stay (as opposed to the fall-summer-fall-summer dance we’ve been doing since Labor Day weekend). I’m ready. The leaves have changed, the kids are sick of wearing shorts, and I am counting down to the days of flannel sheets and – sigh – the utter bliss that comes in a couple of weeks when we turn the clocks back and gain that precious hour of Autumn Weekend.

Autumn also means a return to real food, as opposed to something that gets thrown together to appease the hordes in summer. Fall food rocks. Pumpkin stuff! Apple stuff! Cookies! Squash! Food that you bake in the oven, that fills the house with heavenly scents, that doesn’t leave you sweating!

I have a recipe recommendation for you – a dish that tastes like the epitome of fall to me. It’s called Sheet Pan Chicken and Roasted Harvest Vegetables, and it is sooooo hearty and warming and cozy. Oh, and delicious and healthy, too! I’ve made it twice now, and each time I love it more. There’s chicken and butternut squash and bacon and apples and onions and potatoes and whatever other goodness you want to toss n there, all roasted in a garlicky marinade. (I added rosemary to the marinade. ) And its a sheet pan meal, so hello – easy clean-up!

I totally forgot to take a picture. Sorry about that. But there are some gorgeous ones over on the website where I found it. Check them out, check out the recipe, and check off one dinner on this week’s plan.