If I Fall: the Comeback Cove Connection

Anthology coverI have a confession: IF I FALL, my novella in the upcoming Falling For You anthology, did not begin life as a Comeback Cove story.

Years ago, some friends and I were thinking of doing an anthology together. We drew up a timeline and worked on our stories, but then things happened – things like other books, and other deadlines, and just plain life. Then one of the participants needed a fast novella for another project, and since this one was written, well …

We told her to take hers and use it with our blessing.

Then the Superromance authors decided to put together a collection. I looked at the state of my existing commitments and deadlines, and shook my head. Then I looked at If I Fall – a story I loved, sitting there all alone on my hard drive – and I thought, hmmmm …

Moving the setting to Comeback Cove wasn’t a problem. But I needed a way to tie the main characters, Whitney and Jed, to characters in existing stories. I didn’t want to drop them into the world without an introduction. That just felt rude.

Then I remembered that Whitney had a sister – one who was supposed to be less than loving.

And I remembered Tanya, the dramatic counselor-with-an-agenda in A Better Father.

And I remembered attending a wedding at a summer camp – a camp much like A Better Father‘s Camp Overlook.  And since this novella opens at a wedding reception ….

That was enough to give me the tie-in I needed. Whit and Jed were now officially part of Comeback Cove.

But wait – there’s more! I couldn’t resist tossing in one other character who is referenced in many of my Comeback Cove books, and that’s Uncle Lou. For a guy who never makes an appearance, he sure shows up in a lot of my stories. Which may or may not have something to do with this song: