RomancingTheRival-2I don’t know about you, but I love hearing behind-the-scenes info about the stories I love. With that in mind, let me share a little Romancing The Rival trivia with you!

  • Bree is a psych major because I took a lot of psych classes in school
  • Spence is a landscaper because I always wondered what landscapers did in winter
  • And Annie is a daycare director because I did that in a previous life!
  • My original title was The Badass And The Brain.  Thank Heaven the folks at Berkley are better at titles than I am.
  • When I needed a model for Bree, I knew right away that it was Stana Katic, from Castle.
  • When I needed a model for Spence, I couldn’t think of anyone, so I did a Google image for “scruffy actor” and wound up with Alcide Herveaux from True Blood. Thank you, Google!
  • My favorite character is Spence’s sister Livvy. I originally planned a very different relationship for Spence and his brother-in-law Carl, but then Livvy came on the page, started talking to Spence, and the next thing you knew I had a whole lot of inspired (and very happy) replotting to do.
  • At one point I considered making Spence a single father. Instead, I gave him a dog. Furgus was a lot easier to manage 😊 Plus no sitter required!