Where In The World Was Kris? Part Canopy

When last we chatted, the crew and I had flown from Casa Kitty and set up camp at Yosemite, where I was delighted to have absolutely no close (or distant) encounters of the ursine kind.

With our Wild Kingdom days behind us, it was time for the real reason we went to California:

chuppah 2

A canopy.

Yes, Maestro and the Saint finally tied the knot, on a picture-perfect day in Carmel Valley. It all went off without a hitch. All the guests made it in time. The speeches were hilarious. The ceremony was meaningful. Tsarina walked her brother down the aisle, which made so many people laugh. My dress fit perfectly, which was a huge relief because I had rented it from Rent the Runway (HIGHLY recommended!), and I was the teensiest bit nervous, but not to worry.

Dan wedding chuppah chairsBeautiful as the ceremony was, the reception was my favorite part, because there was dancing! We danced almost non-stop, and when feet and legs got sore, one of our Ottawa friends grabbed a chair and set it on the dance floor and proceeded to chair dance. It looked like such fun that I joined him. Next thing you know there was a line of crazy Canadians doing a seated Riverdance. Truly one for the memory books.

The wedding was on Friday night (yes, before sunset), so on Saturday there was a barbecue for all the guests still in attendance. I had worried that this might extend events too long but it turned out to be a fantastic idea. Folks had already met, everyone was in shorts, there was ice cream – a total win.

Between wedding events there were pools to be enjoyed and Carmel to be explored and tacos to be eaten. We returned to the airport on Monday feeling very tired and very very blessed.