Gimme A Head With Hair

One of the things my girls wanted to do this summer was to color their hair. There was an earnest discussion of shades, a trip to Target for supplies, and then it came time to actually do it. Electric blue for the Tsarina. Burgundy for HRH. Giggles for everyone.

It turned out … okay. My girls both have Asian blood, and their dark hair didn’t show too much color – at least not without bleaching it, and that was more than Mom was prepared to do the first time around. We knew that it would be dicey but they opted to try anyway. Good for them.

BUt once they were both done and pickling, I looked at the half bottle of Electric BLue left over. And I looked at myself, already in my raggy, stainable clothes. And I thought that if my girls had the guts to do this, shouldn’t I give it a shot as well?

purple hair

Yeah. I now have purple hair. And I have to admit that I kind of like it.