The Joy Of Simple Things

My friend and fellow author Trish Milburn has done something wonderful. She has organized a group of authors with the sole purpose of spreading positive, uplifting messages across our social media channels. Her reasons for doing so are fascinating, and you can read all about it in her introductory blog post.

The idea is simple: each week, authors will blog/Facebook/Tweet/etc on a common theme. You can find them all by searching for the hashtag #upbeatauthors.  Our first theme is the joy of simple things, which made me thing of last Saturday night, sitting around a campfire with my sisters and niece and nephew and cousins (and my own husband and kids). We told stories and shared memories while the little kids waved sparklers and chased each other around the yard until it was too dark to run. There were hot dogs and s’mores and jokes and so much laughter, and truly, it was one of those nights when you wish you could freeze the moment to pull out later. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Just togetherness, and memories, and laughter.

#upbeatauthors - simple joy


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