We’re A Family, And We’re A …

So here we are, 11 months post-move, and we have a plethora of photos in boxes. Many of them used to be on shelves and tabletops. We had lots of those in Casa Chaos. Here in Casa Kitty, anything that starts out on a table ends up on the floor, or, at the very least, it gets walked on by curious cat feet. So we’re hunting for new and innovative ways to display pics.

(And yes, once again, Pinterest is saving my butt.)

I don’t want to simply cover the walls in photos. We need some variety here. So the first photo project involved a about twenty bucks, a wall decal, and a Sunday afternoon.

Here it is in progress.

tree decal 1

Here it is, waiting for me to select photos to add to the frames.

tree decal 2

And here it is from another angle (we mounted it on a wall in a narrow hall, so good photos were a challenge.)

tree decal 3

It’s gorgeous. I wish I could get a shot that really shows it face on. You can get a much better idea on the Amazon page.

One project down, 391 to go. Meanwhile, I think I’ll have this Tom Chapin song running through my head all summer:


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