Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bears

Whew – we’re home! Last week was spent mostly on the road. We had two national birthdays to celebrate, and dang, we did it right.

First was a trek to the Great White North, because I refused to not be in Canada during the 150th birthday celebrations. We spent the big day at Upper Canada VIllage, and even though it POURED rain for the first half of the day, we had a most delightful and appropriate time. Tsarina got to milk a cow, which put her in kid Heaven. Also, she ate poutine twice in one day, and if that doesn’t say Canada, I don’t know what does.

(True story: we crossed the border and drove into Cornwall, but she refused to believe we were in Canada until she saw a Tim Hortons.)

The next day was spent mostly in the car as we traveled to Maine. Our big excitement was taking a ferry across Lake Champlain. We had never done that and we were so giddy, you would think we had conquered the Amazon. Our plan to do the Ben and Jerry’s tour was foiled by massive crowds, but we survived somehow.

Maine was, as always, a delight. The Geek and the Mensch were able to join us for the Fourth, and there was a trip to the beach and bargain shopping and lobsters and a walk along the seashore. Night brought my favorite part: sitting on the beach to watch the fireworks. Kids played in the sand, families picnicked, sparklers flared, and underneath it all, the waves kept their steady rhythm. Magic.

But now we are home, ever so happily, and in between working on my anthology story and bracing for the revisions that will land in my inbox any day now, it’s time to dive into some of the household projects

You may remember that a while back, I showed you a photo of this dancing bear statue.


My plan was to highlight it by painting it in a color that would stand out more in that garden setting. So I hied myself to the craft store, perused the paint selections, and found my Mulberry groove.


mulberrry bears

I don’t think there’s much chance of these guys fading into the background!