Happy Canada 150!

Happy Canada Day!


It’s Canada Day!

Canada is 150 years old!


I remember when Canada turned 100, back in 1967. (Yes, I was alive. I was 7. D the math if you must.) My two clearest memories from that time:

  • my mom making “pioneer dresses” for me and her – ones that were supposed to resemble those worn back in 1867, a the time of Confederation.
  • singing this song:

I have some different celebrations planned this time around, but you can bet they will involve maple leaves, Tim Hortons, and fireworks. Oh, and probably some tears as I sing the national anthem.

oh canada saleHarlequin is celebrating, too, with a great discount on selected titles by Canadian authors and/or with Canadian settings. I’m delighted that Picket Fence Surprise is included in this promotion! Just go to Harlequin.com, put Picket Fence Surprise (and/or one of the other discounted books) in your cart, and enter the code OHCAN150 at checkout. The sale is good all through July, so you’ll have plenty of chances to stock up on fabulous Canadian romance!


And of course, I must leave you with a song. It’s so hard to know which one to choose, but I think I have to go with two Canadian legends – Stompin’ Tom Connors, and hockey. Pull on your toques and sing along.




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