The More Things Change…

The news has been am over social media, but in case you haven’t heard, Harlequin announced yesterday that Superromances (and four other lines) will end next year. My Comeback Cove stories are Supers. 

As of the moment, many things are in limbo. We’re all waiting to see what will happen with future books. Once I know what’s up  with my storeies I’ll be sure to let you know. 

The Super authors have formed a strong and supportive community. Between them, my wonderful editor Piya, and my ever- amazing agent Jessica, I know all will be well. There’s uncertainty, true, but also new options and possibilities. So we will just have to see. I’m sad, of course, but also a little excited to see how things will unfold. 

Thanks for sharing the ride this far. I do hope you’ll be part of whatever lies around the next bend. 


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