Now THAT Was A Weekend

I had the extreme joy and luck to spend the weekend at Thistle Dew, an utterly charming and cozy B&B owned by one of the members of the Central NY Romance Writers. Periodically she blocks off a weekend for our chapter. This was the first time the stars and planets have aligned to get me there, and oh, it was so worth the wait. I mean, look at this!

The ceilings were high, the walls were thick stone, the floors were over a hundred years old, and the details were exquisite. Best of all, every item had a story, a history, a meaning. It rained in torrential downpours all weekend but we barely cared. We had laughter and food and stories to last us for much longer than a mere weekend.

And – oh, right – I did work!

The story in progress got put on sticky notes, rearranged, tightened, and made far more torturous for my characters. Mwahahahahaha.


The next story also felt some love, in the form of brainstorming, list making, and index cards:


And when I came home on Sunday, I found that I wasn’t the only one who had been busy.


Yep. The blinds that my poor husband had to drag me to the store to pick out are up and gorgeous.

Oh, and in case you were wondering – yes, the Mexican corn dip was a major hit.