May the Fourth – and the Food – Be With You

First: Happy Star Wars Day!

may 4

Tsarina wore her Storm Trooper shirt to school. HRH also wore a Star Wars themed shirt and we did her hair like so:


It’s Leia-esque, and considering we thought of it about 10 minutes before she had to leave (and did it while she was eating her breakfast), I think it looks rather adorable.

Next, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! Wooohooo! I’ll be heading out to a weekend retreat in the Adirondacks (Can. Not. Wait.) where my buddy MJ Compton and I are in charge of dinner. Can you say taco bar? Yep, we’ll be laying out taco shells with an abundance of fixings, pouring the sangria (red and white, whooohooo!), and noshing on amazing Mexican Corn Dip. This is another recipe I found on Pinterest. Let me tell you, every time I make this, it’s a hit. People look at it and go. “Hmmmm, corn?” And then they taste it to be polite. And then they kind of try to climb into the bowl and immerse themselves in it, which is not quite as polite, but most definitely gratifying.


I strongly advise you to give it a try. I never have cotija or feta cheese on hand, but I’ve used cream cheese with great success. Also, I always forget to buy a fresh jalapeno, so yes, I use the ones from a jar. Don’t judge, okay? It’s still awesome and tastes WAY better than it looks. Also, sorry about the lack of a pretty bowl, but I was packing it up for the retreat. So, sorry, but it’s Tupperware city here right now.

Speaking of which, I need to do some packing. Have a great multi-celebratory couple of days, and may the guac be with you.