Recipe Recommendation: Sheet Pan Cashew Chicken


Two things to tell you about this dish:

  1. My photo doesn’t begin to do it justice
  2. It’s so good that even the Tsarina inhaled it.

I found the recipe (from Life Made Sweeter) on Pinterest, of course. The pictures there lured me in, as did the promise of being able to make this in the oven on one pan. We love Chinese food and eat it whenever we can, but stir-frying can be a bit of a pain. Plus stuff gets burnt onto the wok and then I have to soak and scrub and seriously, who needs that nonsense? This was so, SO much easier.

I followed the recipe pretty closely.  I used about twice as many vegetables as the recipe called for. Then when it came time to prep,  I made the sauce, cut up everything, and then put it all in the fridge to marinate for a bit. Not all together – the chicken with about a third of the sauce, then the veggies were another third, with the rest of the sauce reserved. I did it that way because we were expecting some unsettled weather around dinner time, and I wanted to be able to make this as quickly as possible when the time came. It worked very nicely. When dinner time arrived (and we hadn’t lost power, glory hallelujah), I just lined my pans with parchment paper, dumped stuff out, and tossed it in the oven. When it was cooked through, I tossed all the parts into a bowl with the rest of the sauce and called the kids.

And the sauce … let me rhapsodize for a moment. SO. GOOD. Gingery and garlicky and thick and sweet-hot, it turned the meal from good to OMG. Next time (and there will be a next time), I might double the sauce. And maybe even triple the veggies. But oh wow. Winner.

Hope you give it a try!