Back To It

First things first: I have been very bad about blogging lately.  After all the changes in 2016, I am pleased to say that 2017 has been – knock wood – pretty calm thus far. This is a very good thing for Kris the person, but it makes for less than thrilling blogs.

However, this morning I had cause to go back and reread some old posts. I got sucked in and kept on reading. There was nothing amazing or incredibly fascinating about any of those old posts, but it hit me that they were a wonderful reminder of what was happening back then. So I’m back to blogging with the full realization that very few folks will be reading, but you know what? Someday, I’ll look back and remember. And that’s as good a reason as any.

I’ll have an update post in a couple of days. In the meantime, here’s the requisite photo of a cat. In a box. But it’s not a cliche, damn it.

Caesar box