Twenty Questions, Day 20 – The Whole Megillah!

My free online read at is now complete, which means the Twenty Questions to Win contest is now open!

How do you enter? Easy. Just read the story and answer  the questions listed below. Send your COMPLETE list of answers to me ( at any point between March 17 and the deadline (noon March 24). Please put TWENTY QUESTIONS in your subject line.

BONUS PRIZE! Have you picked up/read Picket Fence Surprise yet? If so, please include a picture of you with the book (physical or on your e-reader) with your list of answers. If you’re my winner and you’ve included a picture of yourself with the book, I’ll add a bonus prize to those listed below– a $25 gift card to the online bookstore (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc) of your choice!

A couple of important rules:

  • Entries will ONLY be accepted between March 17 and noon Eastern time on March 24. Any entries received before or after those times will be disqualified.
  • All 20 questions must be answered.
  • One entry/person.
  • Because of postage costs, I must restrict entries to US and Canadian addresses.

The complete list of questions (one/chapter):

  1. Finish the phrase: To Cash, she was and always would be Allie Hebert. Terror of his childhood. Bane of his adolescence.
  2. What is making it almost impossible for Allie to breathe?
  3. The wedding ceremony is being led by Reverend ….
  4. What did Allie use to assault the police officer?
  5. What is the name of Cash’s nephew?
  6. Allie thinks she should have bought a wedding dress with …
  7. What is no longer on Allie’s left hand?
  8. According to Cash, four months without doughnuts is positively …
  9. Why does the crowd go suddenly silent and every head swivel toward the door?
  10. Allie had never thought of herself as a …..
  11. Finish the phrase: Easy to be a rock when …
  12. What is Michael Bublé singing about while Cash and Allie dance?
  13. When Cash tells Allie that she can leave, she stops pretending to dance and tells him that she …
  14. The shape leaning up against the rock wall is either a toboggan or a ….
  15. There was a lot of WHAT going around these days?
  16. Why was Allie pretending to be someone she wasn’t?
  17. What is the nickname Cash calls Allie before he leaves?
  18. Cash is scared that after all this time keeping silent, he might have forgotten how to ….
  19. When Allie rolls over, she comes face to face with …
  20. Cash tells Allie that her concept of earth-shattering is most people’s idea of …

What are you playing for?

  • a pound of Tim Hortons coffee
  • a copy of Michael Buble’s NOBODY BUT ME
  • a Justin Trudeau scented candle (seriously!)
  • and a copy of two of my books (A FAMILY COME TRUE and NOW YOU SEE ME), starring two of my favorite heroes, Ian North and J.T. Delaney.

Thanks for playing, and good luck!