20 Questions, Days 1 – 10

Okay folks, we are halfway through Cash and Allie’s story and halfway through our questions. In case you missed a day, here are all the questions thus far, right up to and including today’s installment!

  1. Finish the phrase: To Cash, she was and always would be Allie Hebert. Terror of his childhood. Bane of his adolescence.
  2. What is making it almost impossible for Allie to breathe?
  3. The wedding ceremony is being led by Reverend ….
  4. What did Allie use to assault the police officer?
  5. What is the name of Cash’s nephew?
  6. Allie thinks she should have bought a wedding dress with …
  7. What is no longer on Allie’s left hand?
  8. According to Cash, four months without doughnuts is positively …
  9. Why does the crowd go suddenly silent and every head swivel toward the door?
  10. Allie had never thought of herself as a …..

How are you doing? Remember, you find all the official rules right here. Good luck!