25 Days of Happiness, Day 21: Church Choir.

Two of my goals for 2016 were to get more involved with my church and to add some fun to my life. I actually kept both of them and I did it with one action: joining the church choir.

Admittedly, I was kind of nervous at first. These folks have been singing together for years. I am not a great sight-reader, and I’m shyer than folks believe. Plus rehearsals are on Thursday nights, and by Thursday I am usually so tired that I have to talk myself into going.

But I always convince myself to go, and I am always so glad I did. This is a seriously fun group that welcomed me warmly and sincerely. And it’s a treat to have an activity that doesn’t revolve around story and plots and characters. As a bonus, my daughter is also now talking part in the music ministry.

Plus, hey – who doesn’t like to sing?

Here’s one of my favorite of the songs we performed this year. This is not our choir, but we totally sounded just like this 🙂

Making music with friends: Happiness Day 21.