25 Days of Happiness, Day 19: Kitties

We went a long time between pets. Back when the boys were really sneak, we had a bird. Bridget 911. No, I don’t remember why we named her that. She escaped and flew away. 

Then there was the hermit crab phase. Bert and Ernie. They turned out to be not so fascinating. HRH had fish for a while. The Geek had pet flies. (I know. Pathetic.) But we never really had official mammalian pets until we moved and soothed the pain by promising the girls that they could get cats.

Best. Bribe. Ever. 

Fidget and Caesar have totally captured our hearts. They’re not super affectionate – after all, they are cats – but their antics keep us laughing all day. They don’t freak out when people come to visit. They are generally well behaved. And Heaven help me if I try to stay in bed after the alarm goes off. One or both of them will be at my door or on the bed, reminding me that it’s time to fill their bowls. NOW. 

Kitties that race through the house, climb on the table no matter what we try, and bring us abundant laughter and joy: Happiness Day 19.