25 Days of Happiness, Day 18: More Books

In a year with an abundance of changes, it was impossible for my writing life to not have a few tweaks, right? Lucky for me, these were all of the welcome variety.

The big writing change, of course, was a new series – the Calypso Falls books. My creative cover-romanceside was excited to dream up new characters in a new location. My businessy side enjoyed learning how things are done at a different publishing house and with a different editor. It’s been an educational and exciting year, one for which I’m very grateful.

At the same time, it was equally delightful to have the comfort of the familiar in writing more Comeback Cove books. At this point that little town and those people have become very real to me. With changes on so many other fronts, I was more than happy to be able to return to these well-known streets and these beloved characters. Add in an unanticipated but totally squee-worthy development- one which I can’t share yet, but will very soon – and you can count me as one very happy author.

Books both new and known: Happiness Day 18.