25 Days of Happiness, Day 16: An Engagement!

In many ways, this was an amazing year. The new house, a new daughter-in-law, and – as the frosting on the blessing cake – the news that in 2017, there will be another joyful celebration.

Yes, Maestro and the Saint are engaged. Did we know it was coming? Yes. Did that diminish any of the celebration when this picture landed in our inboxes?


Oh heck no. Seriously, I had no idea I could jump that high or whoop that loud.

The Saint is such a good match for Maestro. They met through their studies in music – she is a violinist, he’s a violist – but while he opted to make a career out of teaching French, she continued to chase her musical dreams. The pursuit of those divergent paths has caused them to be apart more than together, but they have never let that tarnish their respect for each other’s passions. They understand that while their lives are richer for having each other, it’s equally important to support each other in their chosen paths.

It doesn’t make for an easy road. But they both understand that the smoother path in the short run will not always stay that way, and that sometimes, the more challenging road is the one that will lead to the greatest long-term happiness.

When they take their places beneath the chuppah next summer, they and everyone in attendance will know that these two hearts belong together. I highly doubt that there is any greater joy to be found.

Hearts in harmony: Happiness Day 16.