25 Days of Happiness, Day 14: The New House.

I must admit that there were times during the months between when we first saw the the new house and when we finally moved in when I had serious doubts. A lot of things went wrong along the way. A lot of unanticipated issues arose, and there were some pretty awful life events happening at the same time. So I wasn’t always as – let’s say, enthusiastic as would have been ideal.

But then we finally moved in. We added our stuff and we painted the door and we unpacked our boxes and we adopted our kitties. We learned about the school busses. We met a neighbour. We made memories. 

Now it is home. It’s a little cramped and I still wish our driveway wasn’t quite so steep, but it is home. 

And I am very glad we’re here. 

New beginnings: Happiness Day 14.


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