25 Days of Happiness, Day 7: Justin Trudeau Photobombs

It’s true. I have my shallow moments. And I had more than a few of them this past summer, when Justin Trudeau kept turning up in photobombs.


Let me pause for a moment to admit that, yes, I remember when JT was born. I remember the newspaper announcement and my parents talking about him being born on Christmas. Good memories indeed, but it’s kind of hard to forget whenever I see a picture of him. Even when he’s shirtless.

Though I am game to do my best.

Look, those photos were silly, but you know what? They were fun. In a time when too much is serious and too damned much is scary, it was a breath of manly-fresh air to see pics of the Prime Chestiness popping up all over the news feed. There are far worse ways to start a day than this:

It made me giggle. It made me laugh. It made me smile.

Especially when the folks over at This Hour Has 22 Minutes decided to have fun with it.


(I really like the guy in the black shirt who looks like he’s getting ready to rip his clothes off and join in the party. You go, dude.)

World leaders who make us smile: Happiness Day 7.


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