25 Days of Happiness, Day 5: The Accidental Text Thanksgiving

It’s the story the Internet needed. A few days before (American) Thanksgiving, a woman in Arizona sent text invitations to a group of family members giving them the specifics re: Thanksgiving dinner. One text accidentally went to a stranger, a teenager who wasn’t sure who was sending the invitation. When the two finally figured out the mistake – and undoubtedly after they stopped laughing and the teen asked if he could still get a plate – the woman, Wanda, took the step that took this story from mistake to memorable.

Of course you can, she replied. That’s what grandmas do … feed everyone.

Someone shared a screenshot of the interaction online, it went viral, and guess who ended up having Thanksgiving together?

I love this story. I love knowing that generosity is just an impulse away, that people can reach out in love and friendship, that a grandma’s care doesn’t stop at her relatives. But what I love most is the way it was picked up and spread and embraced by folks. That’s the part that told me people long for and recognize goodness in others. That sharing is still celebrated. That generosity and kindness are still to be cherished.

Mistakes that lead to life lessons: Happiness Day 5