25 Days of Happiness, Day 5: A Wedding

I mentioned that while some of my days of happiness would be drawn from very public events, some would be personal. This had to be top on the list.

The Geek & Geekess have been together for a good six years now, and we knew that a wedding was in the plans. But we went form the nebulous to the specific in March, when the question was popped and the ring bestowed.

Cool thing about the ring:


Yeah. He made it himself. Guided by an artist who knew what she was doing, obviously, but he was the one bending and brushing and placing. Same thing for the wedding bands: they each made the one the other would wear.

Is that not amazing?

Of course, what’s even more amazing is seeing them together. I think the ultimate joy when you are a parent is to see your child find someone who is perfect for them – who gets their jokes and shares their dreams and makes them break out in the goofiest grins for no real reason. That is so definitely the case with these two. As wonderful as their wedding was – and it was, indeed, the high point of the year, filled with love and laughter and memories and bubbles – it pales in comparison to the happiness I feel at knowing they found each other and that they plan to spend their lives together.

Knowing that your child has found lasting love: Happiness Day Five


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