25 Days of Happiness, Day 4: The Ones We Had

We’ve all seen the roll call of those we lost this year. Prince. Florence Henderson. Leonard Cohen. Alan Rickman (that’s the one that got me). bowie-glue

I’m not going to pretend it’s easy to lose these public figures that have been part of the way we mark our lives. But here’s the thing: hard as it is to say goodbye to them, the amazing part is that we had them to begin with. That they had the guts to chase their dreams – to write their songs and pound the stage and sing out loud – and that we got to share in those dreams and songs and stories.

Our lives are richer, brighter, because of the folks we lost this year. So I am inordinately happy that we had them, if only for a while.

By Grabthar’s Hammer, they shall be missed.

Those who enriched our lives with their creativity: Happiness Day 4.


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