Release Day: The Bridesmaid And The Bachelor!

BridesmaidBachelorI still have the email that started this.

On September 19, 2014, my amazing agent Jessica emailed to tell me that a certain publisher was looking for novellas about bridesmaids. She thought it sounded like a good fit for what I write and suggested I think about it, possibly as a kick-off to a new series.

The idea appealed. And – even more important, in many ways – Jessica knows her stuff. We tossed some ideas around and then I sent her this:

Here’s what I’m thinking. Something has gone wrong at home, probably with a guy, and she’s heartsick and embarrassed and needs to get away. Her twin sister is in some city (Vegas?) to be a bridesmaid in a wedding, so Heroine impulsively hops a plane to join her. But when she gets there, there’s some kind of problem and Twin no longer can/wants to be in the wedding. (Twin might have had a falling out with the Bridezilla because she met someone wonderful, and he’s leaving, and so she wants to be with him instead of at the wedding). So Twin gets Heroine to fill in for her as a bridesmaid. Twin runs off to have her fun and Heroine must now pretend to be someone she’s not while falling for the groomsman she’s paired up with (maybe Bridezilla’s brother).

Jessica loved it. And while that’s not exactly how the story turned out, the basic idea of the substitute bridesmaid stayed throughout. I got to work and by December we had ourselves a fun novella to submit. Which we did.

And then the publisher that had been looking for bridesmaid stories said thanks but no thanks.

I would have stopped there, but again, Jessica knows her stuff. She sent it out to a bunch of other publishing houses, where … it sat.

And sat.

And sat.

Again, I wrote it off. I was busy writing my Superromances and playing with other ideas. There was plenty to keep me from thinking about my little substitute bridesmaid …

Until the end of May, when, out of the blue, Jessica said we had some interest from another house, and did I have ideas for full-length novels to follow the novella?

There followed a frantic month of plotting and tweaking and angsting and emailing and wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth – not to mention a totally unanticipated twist that had me in a total tizzy – but then the dust settled and the decision was made. My little bridesmaid had found her home.

And today, she’s finally here. World, meet Kyrie. Kyrie, world. I think you two are going to love each other.